Our Mission

Beginners: Master the Basics

Whether you’re just getting started or want to brush up on your technique – this class is for you! You’ll learn basic punches, footwork and improve your fitness.

Women and Girls: Be Yourself and Box

We love boxing and want everyone to enjoy their experience at Unity Boxing Academy.  Learn basic punches, footwork and improve your fitness…

Carded or Competitive: Private Coaching

if you want to challenge yourself in Olympic Style competitive boxing. Join our carded boxing teams and become an England Boxing registered boxer…

Our Mission is:

At Unity Boxing Academy all are welcome and boxing should be an inclusive sport for all .

Promote equal opportunities within sport, working towards increased involvement by opening up access access to competetive boxing training and fitness activity and providing support for the talent which exists within our communities.

Foster the creation of positive role models and the empowerment of young people through the concept of achievement through sporting excellence and through educational activities.

Boxing provides an outlet for anger, aggression, stress, and frustration. A visit to the boxing gym and engaging in boxing activities such as hitting the heavy bags, punching the pads gets out negative emotions and leaves young people feeling calmer.


Boxing teaches self-control and discipline. Competing in boxing  requires competitors to begin learning self-control and how to constructively channel physical and emotional impulses


At the heart of boxing is ultimate respect for yourself and your opponent and having respect for rules of the game and understanding boundaries


A boxing gym or boxing environment provides a controlled setting where you can exhibit your skills and strength


Young people that work with us, either in the boxing gym or within our community projects, share with us that they feel comfortable to walk away from a fight and don’t have any desire to prove anything from getting into a street fight, as they have learnt how to de-escalate a situations and can now apply conflict resolution skills in settling petty arguments


Many of our young people with the support of their coaches and their boxing family have go on to compete in Amateur Boxing Association of Enagland (ABAE) completions and this feeling of winning and receiving medals and trophies for their efforts is often enough to inspire them to use this as motivation to achieve in other areas of their lives

I really want to Join but...

Feeling unsure, confused, have question? Well here's answers to the most common questions;

I'm new to boxing, help!

Don’t worry, we want you to enjoy boxing. Here’s what you need to know;
  • Wear what you feel comfortable working out in
  • Boxing gloves available to borrow
  • Pay as you go membership – £3 per class
  • Safety first – coaches in every class

How much does it cost?

We have two membership options. Choose which works best for you.
  • Pay As You Go: £3 per class
  • Unlimited: £25 per month with unlimited access during gym hours. This option works best for carded or competitive boxers

What do i need to wear?

It’s up to you. Our members wear T-shirt, tracksuits, shorts and hijabs.

We want you to enjoy boxing and that happens when you feel like yourself. Unity Boxing Academy is a safe, welcoming and inclusive space. Wear what you feel comfortable working out in.

How old do you need to be?

Our weekday boxing classes are open to anyone aged 9+

Our Sundays beginner’s class is open to anyone aged 6+

How do I compete?

If you’re interested in competing for Unity Boxing Academy, speak to one of our coaching team during your visit.

Are children allowed entry?

Yes children are welcome. Check our class schedule for more details or speak to our team.

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